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Baby, I'm gonna do you till you can juggle.

Doylestown, Doylestown, Doy-doy-doylestown....

I found myself with a little free time, and free arms (in the form of my darling and smitten-with-his-son husband who kindly carried the boy) in Doylestown last week. So I went to Forever Yarns (almost by accident!) and Lisbet's to get a feel for the places.

Sadly, I couldn't spend enough time in FY to get you more information than a couple recollections, though I can tell you the owner is nice as strawberries in season and the selection looked pricey but wasn't that bad once you read the actual price tags, so don't let that put you off. Forever Yarn is a little hard to find- basically they're down an alley but the map doesn't show it that way- which is a shame because they have a lot of nice yarns and a well-lit space to sit and knit. Their hours are: Sunday 12-4, Tues, Wed, Fri, and Sat 10-5, and Thu 10-8. (New knitting space, anyone?) Like I said, these are just impressions, since little Xander was getting fussy after playing and needed some lunch.

He had been playing and had a fuss made over him at Lisbet's Knitting Cafe. Lisbet's is back to their regular hours now: 10-5 TWTF, 10-4 Sat, but may be moving in the future, so keep an eye out for any moving sales. The store is organized by color, which is a wonderful feature, especially for those who like to free-knit capelets or shawls- and there are bags of complementary colored yarns sold as 'shawl kits' that seem to be $5-10 less than you would spend on them seperately- a nice touch. Lisbet and her staff are probably the nicest folks I've met, although they could use a skosh more resources in the patterns department- they didn't have any of Debbie Stoller's books, Knit Wit, or any of the other books that have pulled in so many younger yarn workers. A note from MommyShay- Lisbets probably has the most kid friendly staff I've met- while I certainly made sure he didn't pull any yarn skeins into tangles, they are more than happy to have a baby crawling around doing baby things- and have some toys there for kids to play with, too.

All in all, a fun day, and I got on their mailing lists, so hopefully I'll be able to tell you about any upcoming sales.
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