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Inspired by the wonderful Miss Shay... here's random observations about two shops around New Hope.

Gazebo Plus
Official address is 7 Village Row, New Hope. It’s off Route 202, closer to New Hope then Peddler’s Village. The village row shopping center/office complex is composed of multiple honeycomb shaped buildings, and it’s in the honeycomb farthest from Route 202. The center is attached to a small strip mall with a Giant.

This store is so out of the way, you almost expect to need a password to get them to open the door. It's small, about half embroidery paraphernalia/half yarn shop, with the half and half blending together in a swirled center. Clearly, they are trying to convert crafters of either persuasion.

The layout is impossible to describe...unless you remember that feeling you had as a child when you saw a freshly raked pile of leaves. "MUST JUMP IN," is exactly what I thought while gazing over piles of yarn, sloping towards metal shelves at an angle that hide the bottom shelf or two. It certainly has the potential to be overwhelming, but the employees I have encountered during my visits have known exactly what they stock and where to find it.

There are posts hanging haphazardly just about everywhere, holding hank upon hank from Cherry Tree Hill Yarn and Great Adirondack Yarn Co. Yarns I specifically remember seeing included Frog Tree Alpaca, Lobster Pot Yarn, Recycled Sari silk and nylon (?), and tons of luxury yarns I had never heard of before. There’s Debbie Bliss and Noro a go-go hiding in diamond shaped cubbies behind the notions-covered counter. To the best of my knowledge, it’s the only place in Bucks County that actually gives a hoot about sock knitters. Sure other places will have a colorway or two of Cascade Fixation, but Gazebo Plus gives you wool options—but no Cascade, go figure.

Stitch Inn
Peddler’s Village, right along Route 202, easy to find!

While this seems like a small shop from the outside, the cathedral ceiling and squeaky clean interior make the inside feel like a church of yarn. This place is so free of clutter that it is easy to forget about the (if you’re anything like me) ridiculous amounts of yarn you have sitting at home, stuffed in bags. There are big bookshelves along the walls and lower metal shelving units in the center of the main room. Even the needles and notions hang perfectly on a small interior wall, spaced just so they never inappropriately touch each other.

The yarns are mostly organized by material. I particularly recall the wide varieties of bulky and super bulky yarns, more than I had seen anywhere else. If you need alpaca or cashmere that knits up at 4 stitches per inch, Stitich Inn is the place to go. The bulky stuff is laid out near similar yarn in thinner gauges. They also have humongous hanks of hand-dyed wool (company name escapes me) large enough to produce an adult sweater. The store also has a lot of Rowan. No, strike that, they have A LOT OF ROWAN. I encountered many kinds I had never heard of before and was amazed how many colors they stocked of each. There is a Maggie Jackson shrine of sorts, and the author visits the shop for fashion shows on what seems to be a regular basis. There’s a large back classroom with a decent selection of pattern books and felting wools.

I almost forgot about the service. I was greeted with a very polite “hello, feel free to look around and ask questions” and the saleswoman was back on the computer after I briefly responded that I understood. No pressure and no eyes following me around the store, but when I asked questions, she seemed to fly over to my side. perfect.

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