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Unexpectedly found a new yarn and spinning shop yesterday, while driving to another yarn shop that landed up being closed. Twist just opened three weeks ago, on Route 202 smack in the middle between New Hope and Peddler's Village, next to the intersection for Aquatong Road. I remember seeing some weaving stuff there (including coned yarn) and if I had foreseen writing something here, I would have asked more about that. It's a comfortable shop with lots of natural light and an inviting seating area.

Alex and I dropped in, simply looking for a circular needle. Debbie, the owner, told me she didn't have the length I was looking for and promptly offered to order it for me. Being eager to work on something that day, I just went with the longest one available. So I told her I was going to walk around and she spied Alex staring at the numerous spinning wheels, clustered about like a school of fish in the front of the store. "Want to give it a try?" He said yes and they started discussing the differences between the wheels. She offered to teach me as well, but I didn't think my grouchy, tired mood would allow me to enjoy something new. I paid close attention while she patiently walked Alex through making a small skein of yarn. I was equally impressed with her honesty and knowledge. She even told Alex how he could dye his yarn using natural methods. I can't wait to stop in there when I'm well rested to give spinning a try.

Being just three weeks into operation, the yarn selection hasn't matured much, but it has room to grow and already stocks a nice variety. Prices ranged from a wee bit less expensive to even with other area yarn shops on the most commonly found items, such as Manos, Debbie Bliss (already the most I've seen in one place), Cascade, and Noro. Rare finds that stuck out to me were the lace weight yarns and a bookshelf of natural hand-spun yarns. The front parking lot is small and backs to Route 202, so I would suggest parking in the rear lot that I saw signs for while I was having a splendid time waiting to back out of the spot onto busy 202.

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